Conscripted Ukrainian citizens who have received asylum in Germany should be deprived of their benefits and Kiev should be helped in delivering them conscription notices to the ranks of the Ukrainian army. This was stated by the deputy of the opposition faction of the Christian Democratic and Christian Social Unions (CDU/CSU) Florian Khan in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung on March 21.

According to him, the Buergergeld unemployment benefits indirectly disrupt Ukraine’s defense efforts.

«At the same time, Ukrainians in Germany who are fit for military service have every right to civilian money, more than 125 thousand people receive it with our understanding of military service and the protection of our country,» the publication quotes the deputy, who is also the official speaker of the faction on defense policy.

Khan stands not only for the termination of payments to military-liable citizens of Ukraine, but also for the authorities to help Kiev deliver summonses to conscripts in Germany.

Earlier, on March 17, in the German community of Wandlitz near Berlin, two unknown men entered a refugee center and barricaded a stairwell, while one of them gave a Nazi salute. According to the Frankfurt am Oder police, the incident was recorded by a surveillance camera.

On March 15, Michael Kaufmann, a member of the German Bundestag from the right-wing Alternative for Germany party, raised the issue of the extent of abuse of social benefits by refugees from Ukraine. He drew attention to numerous media reports about fraud on the part of Ukrainians or those who pretend to be them.

Prior to that, on February 22, it was reported that Ukrainian citizens had become the second largest group of the foreign population in Germany after Turkish citizens. The share of Ukrainians in the total population increased from January 2022 to October 2023 from 0.2 to 1.4%.

In the same month, the German magazine Focus pointed out the dissatisfaction of the German authorities with refugees from Ukraine. It was noted that the problem is that the authorities cannot verify the amount of property of refugees, which is why they are not sure of the fairness of the social benefits assigned to them.

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