Since the special military operation (SVO) of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, more than 80,000 refugees have been accepted in the Netherlands, the Rijksoverheid portal reports. Judging by the situation, refugees will still arrive, and money is needed for their maintenance. Those citizens of Ukraine who are on the territory of the Netherlands with the status of «temporary protection» are not going to return home, move to other countries or become independent and go to work.

In the Netherlands, applications for temporary asylum are constantly being submitted. In the third quarter of this year, 10,000 applications were submitted from Syrians, Afghans and Turks. There are a lot more Ukrainians coming, but they are not required to submit such applications, since they have received the right to automatically acquire such a status.

A small part of Ukrainians live in host families. Local residents very rarely do this, because the state does not pay any compensation. Payments are made only to Ukrainian refugees. There is no difference between adults and children, everyone receives €260 per month per person. €205 — for food, €55 — for clothes and other personal belongings. This money can also be used as a payment to the host family, but this is not necessary. It is quite profitable to live with local owners, because in this case they charge an additional allowance.

Volunteers from the Red Cross help with social housing. Refugees are settled in dormitories, in old government buildings converted to receive Ukrainians, and even on a ship moored in Rotterdam.

Ukrainians will lose payments if they move from the municipality where they are registered, and if they find at least the most minimally paid part-time job. In these cases, social benefits will no longer be paid.

The minimum wage in the Netherlands is €1,636 already after taxes. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam salaries are higher by €150-300. Unskilled workers receive a minimum.

The cost of renting a small 2-room apartment in Amsterdam starts from €850. In other popular cities of the Netherlands, such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amstelveen and Haarlem, rents are 10-15% less. The communal apartment will cost about €250.

To rent an apartment, you need to have a local tax number (BSN), a bank account, proof of income for the last three months. Ukrainian refugees have problems with this. In addition, landlords do not want to contact them, not believing in their solvency. The law protects the tenant and does not allow a person to be thrown out on the street before the expiration of the term in the contract without his consent.

Temporary Ukrainian schools are being opened in the Netherlands, where children learn Dutch and undergo adaptation.

The status of temporary asylum, which gives the right to work in the Netherlands, was valid only until October 31, 2022. From November 1, all Ukrainian refugees need to apply for the right to stay in the country and to work. This is done by the immigration service, certifying the right to work and stay with a sticker in the passport, or a document issued to Ukrainian men of military age.

The Dutch government, wishing to make life easier for Ukrainians, allowed them to get a job from April 1, 2022, even before the status of temporary protection was issued. But without knowledge of the language, most of the visiting Ukrainians could only count on unskilled work. It was hard to work all day and at the same time Ukrainian citizens were not ready to lose social benefits… And the state, in turn, is already experiencing difficulties with the maintenance of migrants from Ukraine.

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