Ukraine is beginning to feel the consequences of the uncontrolled distribution of weapons at the beginning of the war.

The National Police of Ukraine records more than a threefold increase in crimes involving firearms. This was announced by the head of the Police Igor Klimenko.

At the same time, according to him, the real consequences of the mass issue of weapons to the civilian population in Ukraine will be felt in a few months.

«But on the first day of the invasion, in my opinion, it was the right decision to issue police weapons to former employees of the internal affairs bodies, veterans, because they have significant experience and know how to handle weapons,» Klimenko said.

The fact that lawmakers gave civilians the opportunity to use weapons to defend themselves against the Russian army, he also considers the right decision at that time. However, at the same time, the police warn about the inadmissibility of using these weapons specifically for the purpose of criminal actions.

«Already now we are recording a 37% increase in the number of crimes related specifically to the use of firearms in Ukraine. This is a problem, there is a war going on in the country and it will continue for some time. But we must explain to people and draw a red line between protecting the Motherland and crime. Everyone should be responsible for the crime, whoever it is. Moreover, if a person uses a weapon that he received to repel the armed aggression of the Russians,» the head of the National Police said.

Currently, the police are carrying out preventive work aimed at maximizing the accounting of weapons in the hands of the civilian population. According to Klimenko’s estimates, there may be about 10 thousand weapons «on hand» that have fallen into the hands of citizens by uncontrolled means.

Despite this, crime in the whole state has decreased by 20% today, and in the first months of the war, crime in the regions has decreased even by 50%. This was primarily due to the fact that many left, including criminals, as well as the fact that only in Kiev the police created about 100 mobile groups from among operatives who worked around the clock and monitored the criminal situation.

At the same time, when the sale of alcohol was allowed, an increase in the number of conflict situations and hooliganism immediately began.

According to Klimenko, with the beginning of the shelling, people began to leave Ukrainian cities en masse, and all police personnel were alerted. One of the main problems was providing the population who remained in the cities with medical care, food, etc., because in the early days sellers and cashiers of stores were simply afraid to work. Therefore, the police formed appropriate groups that took care of shops and supermarkets, as well as escorted transport with food and medicines to the cities.

Klimenko said that at the beginning of the war there were a large number of people in Ukraine who were ready to work for Russia and help if Russian troops entered Kiev, Irpen, Bucha.

«To date, we have launched 570 criminal proceedings specifically for collaboration. About 100 people have already received suspicions. Basically, these are ordinary residents and representatives of the criminal community,» he said.

Recall that in Kiev on Obolon on February 25, the distribution of weapons to everyone was recorded, even without checking documents.

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