The Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language Taras Kremin said that a large number of citizens’ appeals were recorded in Kiev, who complain about the language of instruction in the educational institutions of the capital. According to him, a significant proportion of teachers often speak Russian during lessons.

Kremin said this during a press briefing on Friday, November 6.

We expect that the results of the elections of the Kiev mayor will be announced in the near future. And we sincerely look forward to the next meeting with the head of the Ukrainian capital, with whom we would like to have a very fruitful and important meeting. It will consist in analyzing the problems that we have noticed from the results of dozens of appeals. Because, I emphasize, a huge number of appeals and criticism on the language of instruction concerns educational institutions in the city of Kiev. At the same time, there are some ways to resolve this problem, said language ombudsman.

 According to him, in Kiev, during lessons, a considerable proportion of teachers often, and in some cases — occasionally, use Russian instead of Ukrainian. Kremin added that 25% of teachers speak Russian at extracurricular events, and 45% occasionally use Russian.

The Ombudsman noted that the Russian language is mainly preferred by teachers in out-of-school education institutions — music schools, youth sports schools, circles, etc.

“This share of complaints is especially noticeable. In addition to control, in addition to protection, local government and education authorities should take care of creating better conditions, improving the qualifications of teachers, ”said Kremin.

Source: Strana

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