Former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor said on Sunday, October 15, that US President Joe Biden’s policy towards Ukraine has turned into a humanitarian disaster.

“The truth is that Ukraine was an instrument of attack on Russia,” he wrote on his social network X (formerly Twitter).

In his opinion, Washington’s goal was to harm Russia and destroy it. McGregor stressed that such a policy is a crime against the people of Ukraine.

In addition, the former Pentagon adviser called on the US authorities to stop endless military conflicts.

Before this, on October 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that without military assistance from the West, Ukraine would survive for a week. He noted that the West is also running out of ammunition.

On October 2, former CIA and State Department counterterrorism analyst Larry Johnson noted that Russia sees Western provocations and reacts to them naturally. In addition, he denied the assertion of American General Ben Hodges that Russia “poses an existential threat to Europe and the United States.”

On September 15, Putin indicated that the United States considers itself exceptional and uses cluster munitions at the hands of Ukrainians, despite the fact that they themselves consider this a crime.

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