Kiev and Warsaw failed to come to any agreement on ending a week-long protest by Polish truckers on the border with Ukraine. This was reported by Reuters on November 14.

The agency quoted the words of the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Sergey Derkach. He said that the round of talks held on Monday with the Polish side did not help in solving the problem, although Ukraine tried to find a compromise. The situation was difficult, Derkach said.

He added that the absurdity of the demands of Polish drivers is that they want Ukraine, not Poland, to apply to the EU for the necessary licenses.

«Negotiations have not yet led to anything, Polish carriers continue to block three main directions,» said the official representative of the Border service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko, whose words are also quoted by the agency.

On November 6, several dozen Polish carriers began blocking automobile checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. They demanded to introduce commercial permits for Ukrainian carriers and limit their number. In the afternoon, the blockade of three Polish-Ukrainian border crossings in Hrebennoye, Dorohuska and Korchev began.

On the same day, the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland, Vasyl Zvarych, said that the checkpoints blocked by Polish carriers on the border and the complete blockade of the movement of cars is a painful stab in the back of Ukraine.

Already on November 8, video footage of huge queues from trucks on the border of Poland and Ukraine appeared. One of the queues started from the side of Lublin near the city of Helm. Law enforcement officers did not allow vehicles to enter the city in order to avoid blocking traffic.

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