The website of the Opposition Platform — For Life Party published a statement by Viktor Medvedchuk, chairman of the political council of this political force. It specifically says:

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine submitted to the Verkhovna Rada Bill No. 4327 «On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding the Streamlining of Issues Related to Prisoners of War and Internees in a Special Period», which has already caused the deepest just outrage not only in our country, but also abroad … This bill is another manifestation of the policy of terror and infringement of the constitutional and inalienable rights of people living on the territory of Ukraine, whose guilt has not been proven by anything and can only exist in the imagination of Zelensky and his entourage.

Moreover, the detention and immediate, without trial or investigation, resettlement to special camps (as stated in the bill, forced settlement in certain places and rear camps for prisoners of war) will be handled by the Security Service of Ukraine, addressed to which, including by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well as other international monitoring organizations, have repeatedly been accused of creating «secret prisons.» It is obvious that such a threat on the very first day will be used to commit corrupt acts, and more likely — for banal robbery, raiding and outright extortion.

In addition, the creation of such «death camps» that are not part of the existing penitentiary or investigative structures, the functioning of which is regulated by the current legislation, can free one’s hands for the most brutal criminal reprisals against the unwanted.

The authorities have repeatedly infringed on the rights of citizens of Ukraine and nationals of other states living in our country, restricting their right to freely use their native language, depriving them of electoral rights and social guarantees guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. Having gone into a rage from permissiveness, today the authorities are preparing to cross the last line and selectively use violence against unwanted civilians living in Ukraine.

Perhaps the Ukrainian government expects to repeat the path taken only by the Nazis and which was very accurately described by the German priest Martin Friedrich Gustav Niemöller:

First they came for the Communists — And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists — And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists — And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for me –  And there was no one left To speak out for me

I assure the Ukrainian government, which dreams of continuing to churn out anti-constitutional laws in the obedient Verkhovna Rada: through the efforts of our party, the Ukrainian people preserve the memory of the methods of the Nazis, and there is a line of lawlessness that they will never allow to cross. And the sending of civilians to «concentration camps» is far beyond this line.

Ukrainians are well aware that this bill is not about the desire to protect Ukraine, but the desire to deploy terror in order to preserve the elusive power at any cost.

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