The Language Ombudsman has had a lot of work to do in recent days. Signals about the Russian language have become more frequent on TV, in newspapers, and in public places. It got to the point that someone complained to TarasKremin even about the president, who temporarily forgot about the Ukrainian language.

Boomerang for Zelensky

At his famous press marathon, the head of state Vladimir Zelensky occasionally switched to Russian. The conversation with some journalists turned out to be tense, and before the presidency, Vladimir Aleksandrovich almost did not use Ukrainian. However, someone saw this as a violation of the law, and on December 2Kremin received a notification on the table, APnews reportsAPnews.

«The issue of the presence or absence of violations of the norms of the language law by the president, as well as the adoption of appropriate response measures, is now being worked out by the Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language,» the Secretariat said.

Probably, thus someone decided to troll Zelensky. Perhaps even someone from the opposition. It is ironic, considering that the position of the language ombudsman itself appeared during his cadence.

«Wrong» deputies

On December 8, news appeared that the commissioner demanded explanations from 11 deputies of the Nikolaev City Council for speaking Russian at the session on November 17. They were hit:

  • OPPFL members Artem Ilyuk, Maxim Nevenchanny, Vladislav Chaika,Ruslan Moskalenko, ElizavetaTrishchanovich and Yevgenia Prudnik;
  • representative of” Our Region” Sergey Kantor;
  • «servant  Tatiana Dombrovskaya;
  • Andrey Kucherenko and Tatiana Kravchuk from the” Party of Shariy»

It is noteworthy that Kremin responded to the incident only three weeks later. Apparently, he receives dozens of complaints.

«I don’t understand how this misunderstanding still remains in its position? Perhaps this is such a peculiar «concern» of the guarantor of the Constitution for Russian-speaking Ukrainians who gave him their votes in the presidential election?»,is indignant Kucherenko.

«What a nightmare! We urgently need to take action. Thank you to your personal PR managerKremin, for humor! Question: Where will we shoot people who Kremin  blacklisted?»,— Kravchuk joins him.

It is noteworthy that the incident was responded to only three weeks later. Apparently, countess Kremin receives quite a few letters.

«Bee» was driven into the hive

On December 9, at the request of the Ombudsman, a children’s magazine from the Odessa charity foundation «Bee» was closed. New numbers were distributed to local schools, but they were not studied in class. The content is entertaining: authors print children’s letters, publish drawings, hold contests, and write informative articles about nature, animals, and travel

Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Foundation Elena Pavlenko said that one of her parents complained about the magazine, and posted a scan of the ombudsman’s decision.

«The applicant informed that the Pchelka Charitable Foundation distributes printed materials published in a non-state language to Ukrainian schools, thereby violating the right of children to receive information in the state language,» the document says.

«The author of the complaint deprived 3,300 young readers of the magazine in December. Today, on December 8, young readers could get a new issue of the magazine, which they are looking forward to. We will definitely deliver gifts to the winners of the magazine’s contests. We will send the magazines to boarding schools and children’s hospitals. Let the children have joy,» Pavlenko writes.

Kremin gave » Bee » a chance to switch to Ukrainian, but the owner of the magazine went on the principle and decided to temporarily suspend printing.

«The issue of the magazine is TEMPORARILY stopped, I am NOT READY to fully translate the magazine into Ukrainian. I don’t like injustice from the word in general. And no one will force me to do something that is absurd. I am not against the Ukrainian language, I am against categorical prohibitions. They don’t want to take into account the opinion of the Russian — speaking population, and I don’t see any point in fighting windmills,» she adds.

Mothers whose children love the magazine and are waiting for each new issue have gathered in the comments section. They are very upset that this happened. And, tellingly, this did not increase anyone’s love for the Ukrainian language.


Looks like, Kremin does not want residents of Russian-speaking regions to read, develop, share their thoughts and help each other. Obviously, the strategy of Ukrainization chosen in 2014 is not working. Seven years have passed, and people continue to watch Russian-language content,listen to artists from the Russian Federation, make requests to Google in Russian, and talk in a way that is convenient for them. To introduce the Ukrainian language to the masses, the government should reconsider its methods. But instead, it puts even more pressure on citizens, especially those who were born and live in the south-east. In the end, it causes nothing but annoyance and alienation.

Lyubov Kirilyuk, klymenko-time

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