Odessa radical Sergei Sternenko was today recognized as a victim in the attack on him in May 2018. It’s about an episode where an «activist» caught up and killed one person and wounded another.

Although from today’s visit of Sternenko to the city council of the SBU of Kiev today they expected something different — the announcement of his suspicion.

Such rumors were strenuously supported by the right-wing radical himself, and law enforcement officers have not refuted them until today. Therefore, there was an assumption that Sternenko would leave the SBU already in the status of a suspect.

However, exactly the opposite happened.

In the case of the attack on Sternenko, which is being conducted by the SBU, he was recognized as a victim. A couple of days earlier, the suspect in this case was … Ivan Kuznetsov, who was killed by the «activist». Let’s repeat — two years now as a deceased person.

At the same time, in parallel to this incident, another criminal case was opened — about the murder of Kuznetsov. Where Sternenko, who killed him, still passes as a witness.

That is, the killer is already a victim, and the victim is a suspect. Such is the legal interpretation of events from the SBU.

«Strana» was trying to figure out why Sternenko was not handed a suspicion.

State of affairs against Sternenko

As mentioned above, there are two cases against Sternenko.

The first is about the murder of Ivan Kuznetsov, whom the Odessa radical caught up with and stabbed to death with his own knife, and even streamed from the scene.

The “activist” still passes through it as a witness. And today nothing has changed here.

The second is about the attack on Sternenko by the same Kuznetsov and Alexander Isaikul, who was wounded by the radical.

In this case, he became a victim today.

Both cases are conducted by the same prosecutors, and the SBU is directly investigating — Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka (as Yuriy Lutsenko did before him) distributed the proceedings there. Thus, they tried to present the murder not as an ordinary criminal aggression, but as a kind of conspiracy to attack Maidan activists.

This version has been under investigation for almost two years, but no results — who is attacking them and whether there is any guiding center — no. And, accordingly, all this time Sternenko has been walking free. 

An attempt to “close” the radical was made in the fall — the Ministry of Internal Affairs drew up a draft suspicion, where the murder was called deliberate and it was proved that Sternenko was the first to attack two passers-by. However, Ryaboshapka did not sign the «pidozru» and, as already mentioned, «evacuated» the case to the SBU.

It is true, that it is still not entirely clear why the «office» is investigating the murder case. Article 115 is not subject to investigation by this department. It should be handled by the police.

However, there are no movements on this matter. But on the first — «attacks on activists» — the SBU recognized the murdered Kuznetsov as a suspect. And Sternenko, who stabbed him to death — to the victim.

Why it was not possible to make Sternenko a suspect

Last week Sergei Sternenko received a summons from the SBU. And he said that there they intend to hand him over to the suspicion of murder.

The investigation had several days to refute this statement. But it did not do this. And many decided that the «activist» would indeed finally be made a suspect.

However, today about a hundred nationalists have gathered under the building of the Kyiv City Council of the SBU in Askoldov Lane. Several deputies (including from the «Servant of the People»), former customs officer Nefedov and other supporters of the Maidan also arrived.

After that, the SBU issued a statement that no suspicion would be presented. And Sternenko, who left the building, announced that he was recognized as a victim. And now the second case — about murder — must be closed, because you cannot be both a victim and a murderer in the same episode. Moreover, other people were recognized as suspects — Isaikul Sternenko, wounded by a knife and Kuznetsov, who was killed by the «victim».

It must be admitted that even Sternenko’s supporters themselves did not expect such a somersault from the investigation. Not to mention those who have long been demanding the imprisonment of a radical.

There are two versions of what happened today.

1. The SBU was really going to hand over the suspicion. But when they saw that Sternenko was gathering extras — and the organization of the protest began that week — law enforcement officers and the authorities got scared and played back.

This is Sternenko’s own version.

2. They were not going to hand over the suspicion. And the subpoena was sent to the radical to «throw the bone» to the supporters of Sternenko’s imprisonment. Moreover, the picture of dissatisfied radicals under the SBU building was only into the hands of the organizers of this PR combination.

And at the same time, another task was being solved — to check the reaction of the radicals, «Maidan» and Western embassies.

Certain facts speak in favor of this version.

This is mainly the very fact of the agenda. The suspicion could have been handed over in a more familiar way — by detaining Sternenko (the article allows it) and reading him «suspicion». That would have excluded previously prepared rallies.

The agenda, on the other hand, made it possible to swing the topic of «Sternenko’s persecution» for several days and create the illusion that his case had gotten off the ground.

At the same time, the investigation did not refute Sternenko’s statements about the impending «suspicion». Although it was possible to do it immediately and immediately knock down the hype wave.

By the way, given that Sergei himself raised this hype at the suggestion of the SBU, it is likely that he knew about the outcome of today’s events in advance (Strana already talked about Sternenko’s connections with this department).

The conclusion from this is simple — the authorities have not yet planned to put Sternenko in prison. He is clearly being taken out of the blow procedurally (for this is the recognition of the Odessa murderer as a victim). Otherwise, the excitement is inflated for Zelensky’s electorate, who expects the authorities to bring the radicals in line.

It is rue, that if such an idea was originally, then the effect for the «target audience» (that is, supporters of Sternenko’s landing) turned out to be the opposite — from their point of view, the situation when suspicion is handed over to the murdered Sergei Sternenko, and he himself is made a victim, is absurd and testifies about the cowardice of the authorities.

«Absurdity and shame.» Social media reaction

The story of the failed «fagot» is widely discussed in social networks.

“Sternenko left the SBU and said that he was recognized as a victim. That is, the suspicion was not handed over, as many expected (including Sternenko himself), but made to the victim.

Now, let us state the state of affairs from the point of view of the SBU: the person killed by Sergei Sternenko is a suspect. Sternenko’s killer is a victim.

An absurdity and a shame, ”writes the editor-in-chief of Strana Igor Guzhva.

He also added: “In general, if someone in power had an idea to make a ‘multi-move’ with the delivery of suspicion first to the victims of Sternenko (including Kuznetsov, who was killed by him), and then to Sternenko himself, it collapsed after the threats of nationalists and the extras that they gathered today under the SBU.

As a result, only Sternenko’s victims were with the «suspicion». Sternenko himself is still «above suspicion» for our «law enforcement agencies.»

Strana journalist Olesya Medvedeva is waiting for Zelensky to apologize to Sternenko.

“The f@cking shame of the SBU! The law enforcement system is not something that we do not have, it works in the opposite direction.

Sternenko’s killer is a victim, and the killed Kuznetsov is a suspect.

Such convicts sit under articles related to the murder and think: «Oh sh@t, I should have shouted that this is self-defense and it doesn’t matter that I had the knife, and the» attackers «were unarmed, but I would go to bed under the SBU on time, right now. they would be free to walk, and not in a damp cell «or so» bye, so you can «mow» people to the right and left, and then pretend to be a Nazi activist and they will forgive you everything, tyuyu «.

Next, we are waiting for: Personal apology of the president to the murderer. Appointment to a high position, mainly in law enforcement bodies «

  “Today’s behavior of the authorities regarding the Odessa killer is cowardice and frivolity. Cheap shameful muzzles. Sooner or later he will sit down, and you will not leave the image of a wet chicken, ”writes lawyer Andrey Portnov.

“Is Sternenko’s killer a victim? After what he did to the SBU, he is obliged to marry the SBU. It’s a cowardly disgrace, not the Chekists, ”blogger Alexander Skubchenko says indignantly.

“So, the ultra-right killer Sternenko has been officially recognized as a victim.

Three days after his late victim was indicted.

Here you need to write a lot of words about rights, freedoms, democracy and dignity — but I will refrain, perhaps, ”- journalist Andrei Manchuk.

Victoria Wenk, «Strana»

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