On Thursday, August 19, it became known that the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting is seeking the closure of the NASH TV channel through the court.

They are going to revoke the channel’s license for the words of the leader of the Ukrainian communists, Pyotr Simonenko, said on the air, which took place back in May.

Nash has already announced that they will challenge the National Council’s desire to close the TV channel, and the social network discusses the absurdity of the situation when not communists want to close the channel, pursuing freedom of speech, but decommunizers, for a phrase said by a communist guest.

We collected the details of the story, as well as the opinions of Ukrainians in social networks.

How the National Council wants to close the channel because of Simonenko’s words

The National Council decided to go to court to cancel the channel’s license on August 19. The reason was the statements of ex-MP Pyotr Simonenko about the OCU and the confrontation in the Donbas.

On May 4, he was a guest of the Marathon talk show and, according to the regulator, his statements » incited religious and national hostility.»

The National Council highlighted Simonenko’s statements that the OCU is schismatics. The Communist leader said this when asked which of the church hierarchs he wishes a Merry Christmas. He replied that only the hierarchs of the canonical UOC.

The National Council also did not like the wording «civil confrontation in the Donbas» and «the policy of state fascization». Simonenko called the current government of Ukraine «a pro-Fascist regime.»

The channel’s presenters were accused of having previously recognized Simonenko’s statements as inciting hostility, so they should have taken this into account.

At the same time, the regulator said that it gave the TV channel a chance by demanding to cut out these statements, but this did not happen, and the program was also broadcast in a repeat.

For broadcasting this program, the TV channel will also be fined almost 120 thousand UAH.

What they said on the NASH channel

The decision of the National Council was commented by the TV host of «Nash» Max Nazarov.

«We are being deprived of our license because of the opinion of the guests, let me remind you (this is space in general, comrades). It turns out, according to the National Council of Zelensky, Nazarov should not send guests in the ASS, but just beat guests who say things unflattering to the authorities. And shout that the Maidan is sacred, » he wrote.

In a comment to Strana, he added that there was no hate speech on the TV channel.

«Hate speech in the head of Olga Gerasimyuk (head of the National Council on TV — Ed.) and its owner. This language is clearly hostile to common sense, » Nazarov said.

He also drew attention to the fact that the regulator imposed all fines and inspections on the channel solely because of the statements of guests, which violates the principles of freedom of speech.

«Freedom of speech is not a privilege of Zelensky’s government, it is generally accepted norms of civilization and democracy. In the United States, a citizen can even burn a flag — this is freedom of speech. This is also a targeted political attack, » the TV host said.

He also said that lawyers are going to challenge the decision of the National Light in court.

What they write in social networks

The situation with the Nash TV channel is being discussed in social networks.

«Purely freedom of speech» of the land of dreams» — commented on the special correspondent of «Country» Olesya Medvedeva.

«The National Council takes away the license of the Nash TV channel. The reason is inciting discord. After a hate show on patriotic channels, this is ridiculous. But this is not a bug, but a feature: we need to once again show that «some animals are more equal than others».

Of course, I wish the channel every success in the fight for its right to work.

But it should be understood that in Ukraine, no media outlets that are at least somehow dependent on the will of the authorities will be able to work in the very near future. That is, the closure of both Our channel and other channels that are not completely loyal to the authorities is only a matter of time.

Freedom of speech in Ukraine will remain only where the authorities cannot reach by definition — for example, in the same Telegram. All media managers in the country should take this into account, » wrote journalist Yuri Tkachev.

«In general, the situation with the attacks of the National Guard on the Nash TV channel is enchanting. It is not the communists who want to shut down the channel in pursuit of freedom of speech, but the decommunizers, for a phrase uttered by a communist guest. Absurd, » wrote the MP from Servant of the People Maxim Buzhansky.

TV host of «Nash» Max Nazarov reminded that for the statements Ostap Drozdov, who insults the «wrong» Ukrainians on the airwaves, was not reprimanded by any media platform.

Source: A country

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